BIO KOREA Healthkhan™



Reduces inflammation and oxidative stress, eases stress on the liver.

Smooth liver energy, which relieves liver congestion and supports liver functioning.

Cool excessive liver heat, which eases liver inflammation and helps prevent cell damage.

Protects your liver naturally against alcohol and non alcoholic, pollutants and all forms of toxin.

Healthkhan™ Package Details

Non Alcoholic Beverage: 50ml~100ml/1 bottle, 10 bottle/1box

Softgel: 10g/1pack, 10packs/1box

Tablet(Capsule): 500mg/1tablet(capsule), 6tablet(capsule)/1ptp, 60tablet/1bottle

Healthkhan™ Tablet /Drink / Jelly / Gel


It is recommended that you are to be taken two tablets(capsules) one time or one tablet(capsule) two times a day,
or as recommended by a healthcare provider. Can be taken with or without food. Take 1 stick(pack) in water
and 1 bottle drink at any time a day to improve liver health and relieve hangover.