BIO KOREA Healthkhan™


Company History


2000 .   Established BIOKOREA CO., LTD.

2003 .   Enlarged herb cultivation site at JIRI Mt.

2005 .   Strategic partnership with the GPRC(Korea)

2006 .   Strategic partnership with the Pacific Pharmaceutical Co.(Korea)

2006 .   Registration of CHINA Patent(ZL.02801003.5)

2007 .   Launched “Healthkhan™”

2009 .   Strategic partnership with the Korea Ginseng Co.(Korea)

2009 .   Strategic partnership with the Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute for Korea Traditional Medical Industry(Korea)


2010 .   “Healthkhan™” was chosen by Small & medium Business Corporation as “KOREA GOOD BRAND HIT 500”

2011 .   MOU with the College of Pharmacy, Chengdu Univ. of Traditional Chinese Medicine(China)

2011 .   Strategic partnership with the Korea Yaklut Co.(Korea)

2011 .   Strategic partnership with the People's Liberation Army 302 Military Hospital of CHINA(

2011 .   Won on CEO of “the Korea Institute of Patent Information’s Award at the 30 the Korea Invention Patent Exhibition”

2012 .   W0n on CEO of “the Korea Invention Promotion Association’s Award at the 47th Invention Day”


2013 .   Strategic partnership with the Shandong Hongjitang Pharma. Group(Clinical Approval for Hepatitis C virus Treatment)

2014 .   Healthkhan™ (Acquiring KFDA Individual authorized Health functional food)

2015 .   The importing business of Health functional food(No. 2005-0231237)

2015 .   Healthkhan™ is launching online shopping mall(Aution, G-market and 11ST in KOREA, Rakuten in JAPAN)

2015 .   The retail business of Health functional food(No. 2015-0114824)

2015 .   Online marketing business(No. 2015-Seoul songpa-0369)

2015 .   Selected International common technical development project in the Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology

(KIAT, Hepatitis C virus treatment, Project cost is 14.2 hundred million won(KRW), Aim is the CFDA NDA approval in 2020)

2015 .   Shandong Hongjitang Pharma. Group in CHINA( made the investment letter of intent(Clinical development of HCV treatment)


2016 .   Healthkhan™ D made the Supply contract with the SinoSunbelt Co. in CHINA(Red ginseng Beverage, Health Certification in CHINA)

2016 .   Distribution retail business(No. 2016-0114110, Sub-division & retail business)

2016 .   Healthkhan™ D exported the Supply contract with SinoSunbelt Co. in CHINA(Red ginseng beverage, 100ml/1bottle)

2017 .   Registration of Healthkhan™ Trademark in CHINA

2017 .   Strategic partnership with the Happy Passport Co., Ltd. in JAPAN(Supply of HEPATOPIA(raw material), Co-Marketing & Product development)

2018 .   Strategic partnership with the COSMAX BIO in CHINA(Production of Healthkhan™ Brands (Gel, Jelly, Powder)